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A recap of things that I’ve discovered, learned, read, met, etc. in 2015 in no particular order old or new.

Reading and videos on software

Programming languages I’ve hacked on last year

JavaScript, FSharp, Go

CSharp, JavaScript, FSharp, TypeScript

Programming languages that I hope to explore this year

  • Idris - Just picked up Type Driven Development in Idris!
  • Go - I explored GO a while back, but now a fellow software engineer acquaintance wishes to do some projects in go.
  • F# - Honestly I’ve been playing with F# for the past eight months, and I hope to do more open source contributions this year.

Papers discovered (and read)

Community efforts

  • CharlestonJS - I’ve recently taken over as head of the CharlestonJS meetup group, this couldn’t be possible without the help of The Iron Yard - Charleston
  • CODETalks 2015 - My presentation of Juval Lowry’s volatility based decomposition. This was a great experience and I hope to be back again in the future.
  • Charleston Teck Slack - I joined what’s possibly the best thing to happen to the Charleston tech scene.

Music discovered

Games discovered

  • The Long Dark - I’ve been playing survival games for a bit, and this one honestly captures the extreme pressures of surviving in the wilderness.


  • Andres Bees - I’ve become an amatuer beekeeping and decided to start a blog to track my progress and learn from my mistakes.

Plans for 2016

  • Contribute to the visual Fsharp power tools.
  • Write some type providers in Fsharp.
  • Write some Go.
  • Discover some new music.
  • Play guitar more.
  • Play my berimbau more.


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